About me

"Everything is a story"
A service designer by profession, an engineer by qualification, and an amateur photographer graduated from the Royal College of Arts London. That's who I am right now. 
If I was asked how I became a service designer, I take them back to my undergrad days, when a friend of mine asked me to open up photoshop for the first time and design a poster. Something sparked in me that night and I never looked back since. 
But if you ask me why I am a service designer, well…
As a kid, I just could never go to bed without a story. Soon I began exploring stories through different mediums: movies, video games or even the stories told by the kids next door. Once I got my hands on a camera and a computer, my creativity found an amazing outlet. I became a storyteller, who used photography, and graphic design as his language.
But as my career progressed, I learnt to use these stories holistically and orchestrate an experience for users to delve into. That is where I found my true calling, and that is where my creativity shines best
Now, I help individuals and organisations tell their stories by designing enriching experiences that will not only engage their customers, but build relationships that last a lifetime. So, if you want me to be a part of your tale, just hit me up. I am always on the lookout for a good story.